Almost Packed

It has been a beautiful, warm winter day! I am almost packed.

We will drive to Minneapolis tomorrow. Amazingly the carry-on bag is holding everything from maps to the kite that I try to fly in places where I travel. The last time I flew the kite was on Inch Beach, Ireland. My friend, Beth, was also with me at Inch Beach. Beth is a childhood friend, and now lives in Madrid. She and I will be together for the first part of the trip.

I finally spoke with an agent from Air Europa, the airline that I will be taking from Frankfurt to Madrid. Unfortunately, I will have to go out of the airport, and start over with the whole check-in, security and passport process. Like many people, the airport and flight are usually the least enjoyable part of travel.

Will I miss the plane?

Traveling is a good way to start a blog. Every day there is something new, and in this case, something to worry about.

On Sunday, I will be leaving Minneapolis for Madrid, via Frankfurt, Germany. The flight arrives on Monday, and if all goes as planned, I will be in Madrid in the afternoon.

Frankfurt will be the moment of truth. The plane arrives from the United States a little before 8 am, and the flight to Madrid leaves at a little before 11 am. That is about 3 hours to navigate the airport. As of today, I still have not been able to determine whether I will need to go out of the gate area to check in and get a boarding pass.

I have started to pack and have decided to only take a carry-on and a personal bag, so that I won’t get stuck waiting baggage claims. If I must leave the gate area, I will have to go through security and customs all over again.

If  the plane is on time and everything has gone perfectly, it all will be just fine. If not, well, I will miss my plane, and Plan B will go into effect. It still is better than a boat!

A story begins at the start, but an adventure begins in the heart

When I was young, writing came quite easily. It was the result of that persistent, silent voice that you alone hear. There was no audience to consider or number of words to count. Writing was simply for the pleasure of remembering thoughts. So, the start of this story is about the pleasure of writing, and the journey of adventure. Welcome.